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Expert Case Management

Provided by a team of world leading medical experts at Teladoc Health.
  • If you need an Expert Case Management review of your complex condition or are struggling to obtain a diagnosis, this service connects you with a Personal GP Case Manager. They’ll discuss your concerns, review your current diagnosis and treatment plan and where required, a world leading expert will provide their recommendations.

Your GP Case Manager will be with you throughout the whole process, helping to shape the conversation that ensures you receive the most effective and appropriate recommendations. They can provide assistance with best next steps to improve your recovery or help you make a more informed decision about your proposed treatment plan. They are there to provide you with personalised support throughout the whole process.

The service is aimed at the evaluation of cases involving serious or complex diseases. The most frequent types of cases are: oncological (cancer), health problems requiring surgery, neurological diseases, serious paediatric diseases and rheumatological diseases, among others.

Who can use this service?

As an AIG customer, you and your immediate family (partner and children up to the age of 21) get unlimited access to this service at no additional cost. Expert case management cases can be received 24 hours a day and are processed Monday to Friday during office hours.

There’s no limit to how often you can use this service.

How does it work?

You decide how you want us to contact you (phone or email) and complete the form. Your Personal GP Case Manager will then contact you to explain the process, which involves four steps:

  • Gathering your information:

    From the moment you contact us, your Case Manager will start the process of gathering the necessary information about your case.

  • Review of medical records:

    Any medical records and other documents you’re able to provide will be reviewed.

  • Expert selection:

    They’ll then source the most experienced international medical experts in the relevant pathology.

  • Case analysis:

    Your Case Manager will send your case to the selected experts and maintain telephone contact in order to discuss the specifics of the case with you (and with your treating physician, if desired).

Please remember that the medical team is also available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the following number: Tel. +44 (0) 203 499 0167.

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